The Ship


I will wait for the right moment to set my course.

I will look towards the sun and test the wind with a kiss on my fingertips.

As the horizon looks so close i know that there is a beginning and yet it is never ending.

As i board my vessel of eternity i feel the spray of the sea caress my face and the scent of it never leaving me.

I am afraid, but will continue forward, for this voyage will be the sea and me.

As day turns into night and the world falls asleep i see the stars directing me onward.

I no longer have the will to give up on this journey nor do i have the desire to wish for anything better.

I drift on tears and pray to reach those shores that i long for.

Miracles are what those who don’t believe expect, but i know there is a heaven and i know that my voyage ends there.

I dream of those who tried before, and did not make it to an end that was just the begining .


They hold my attention for on this ship my dedication for you will never end.

I feel the clouds quenching my thirst, but i won’t drink ’til i see your face

And touch your hand. Within that moment, I’ll know then that my journey has finally found an end.


I pray for the right moment to set my course.

I will look towards the sun and test my heart with a prayer saved for two.

As the horizon looks close i remember the beginning and see a hope that is never ending.

Maybe the first time will be the last. And maybe the last is only the beginning.

But OUR journey can be forever aboard OUR FRIENDSHIP.




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