I woke up early that morning and got myself ready for a walk towards the markets. I figured if I were to get anything accomplished today, might as well get an early start on the day. I quickly showered and got dressed and made my way towards the door. Just as I started towards the elevator I got this chill down my spine. And a vision of Iris came into mind. I wondered so much about her lately. What her day might be like. The clothes she is wearing and how lucky the people around her are to be in her company. I checked my phone to see if there were any missed calls or text messages. I noticed nothing. I continued my way inside the opening elevator doors as my phone began to ring. It was Iris. I couldn’t believe it. I started to say hello as the doors began to shut. I was barely able to understand what she was saying. I started to tell her that I was in an elevator and if it were possible for me to call her back.




I don’t think she heard me, but I did hear something I didn’t expect to hear. It sounded as if she said that she loves me. I asked her to repeat, but she just continued telling me how much of a bad day she was having and wishing that we were together. Before I knew it the elevator doors came apart. I quickly made my way outside to feel the sun shining on my face. I was able to hear her loud and clear. “I love you,I love you”, she reiterated. I felt this ease come over me all of sudden as I heard these words. With much exultation I replied that I loved her too and with all my heart. And that not being around her is like torture, “I know.” She replied. “I feel the same way.” It was really hard for me to take it all in. So many times in the past I have been in really negative relationships and now I meet this beautiful woman who seems to be a piece of heaven on earth and she is telling me that she is in love with me, a man who has longed for the simple pleasure of holding her hand or haven’t been able to truly look into her eyes and tell her all the things that haunts my heart because of her.




She really couldn’t speak for too long, but assured me that we would communicate later on during the week. She would be busy with classes and some family issues that needed to be taken care of. I told her that I understood and that I would be looking forward to our next talk and that there was something I needed to share with her. She tried prying it out me right then and there, but I stood firm on this and told her that it was nothing to really get worried about, but something I wanted to share with her and that it could wait until the next time we spoke. We again expressed our admiration for one another and ended the call.




It was a busy week day morning as usual in Miami. I started to take my car, but decided that the walk may do me some good. As I walked down Washington Avenue the city started to become more alive. I made my way past a few models doing a photo shoot and some school kids making there way towards playgrounds and bus stops. I could hear the sounds of seagulls and motorcars along the way. And the smell of the ocean filled the city. As palm trees swayed gently in the warm morning breeze causing splashes of sunlight to dance in my eyes. I began to think about what life must be like for Iris in a place I dreamed to be and would she love a life here if she were to ever realize what is really happening between us. And if she did would she want to live here together? I stayed in this daydream as I walked the streets heading towards Sunset Market near Lincoln Road, nearly getting hit by a bike messenger. Needles to say that woke me up a little.




As I got closer to the market the sound of music started to charge the air. Music that usually fills Miami with Euro-Latin Caribbean rhythms, seductive deep house beats, the kind of music that gets people in the mood. I guess that is one of the many things that make this place what it is. Everyone seems to be always “in the mood” or preparing to be in it. I made my way towards a produce vendor and bartered on some plantains and vegetables. I was never really good at the whole bartering thing. I always believed that people who work hard to bring us great service or goods that we demand should be taken care of.




I made a call to the office to let them know that I would be working from home that day and if they really needed me I would be able to come in and take care of whatever needed to be done. And that I would get in contact with them later on this evening. I found myself in front of a music store. There were people from every part of the world here. Different skin tones and languages can be heard everywhere; sort of a modern day Babel. I noticed a baby grand piano near the back of the store. It brought me back to one of the many conversations I had with Iris. She was; to my surprise an accomplished pianist. She has been studying piano since the age of eight. She once played me a short sonata over the phone. At first I did not believe that was her playing. It sounded so clean and intoxicating. She played a few more notes just to prove to me that it was truly her on the keys. I told her that one of my goals in life was to learn piano. She satirically said that she would love to one day teach me, but to be patient with her because she hasn’t been playing as much as she used to.




I felt tears beginning to pool around my eyes as her tears began to make her words choking. I feel that was the moment when my feelings for Iris began to expand into a different realm of being. My foreboding became a sort of comfort with her that I have never felt before with any other woman. We often would verbalize our dream of one day having a house together with a white grand piano that would echo her sweet notes through out our home as reflections of light was cast from it and the sounds of children playing in the garden in the early morning dew would be the bridge we built together. For now; that was nothing more than just a dream. The reality is that we were both unsure of what the future may bring when it came to the question of “us”, but we both know that mutability is what we share now as to what we feel and dream about. For the moment we must stay focused and able to respect and conquer the challenges that dwell on the horizon. We are praying for someday.




I started my way back home. I started to feel a sense of despair settling over me, something that always seems to happen every time I think of being apart from her. For now the only thing that keeps me going is the hope that God will grant me this blessing to make come true a dream that seems impossible, which at the same time feels more necessary than anything else in this world.




The vision of giant cruise ships at the ports look like floating skyscrapers as clouds above started to collect rain. Will she one day forget about how passionate this love is. Will this all be a story that she will one day share with another love, am I to become just a faded photograph that occupies her memories, only bringing her a smile or a tear of sadness of something that once was? It’s hard to avoid those thoughts but they are dwellers of my consciousness. And I wondered if they are thoughts that will lay inert in her sub-conscious.




Can this really be true? I thought to myself as I walk in my daydream, watching lovers holding hands in the rain. Not understanding that this was the rising.




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