The Imagination of Camille Bowes



Porcelain heart filled with pain. An open window in a now empty room, as autumn breeze moves the tattered curtains evoking emotions of despair. Smoldering candles, reflects in their worried eyes.


Reality forgot to follow her dreams. She wants to hold on, but powerless to escape the desire to let go. She runs through the infinite forest of this world, unable to find answers to reasons. Scraped and bruised, incapable to conquer self-imposed mountains that rise and falls before her. She runs to be still.


Water is her mirror, capturing the emotionless expression of a face that’s been lost since birth. Flowing white dress caught in the moonlight’s glow, alone she lays in a place no one will ever know, now a prisoner in an eternal embrace. She’s become hidden within dreams, manifest to reality.



Suspended in time. Echoes of her past conceales her from ever knowing what could have been. Flooded by tears from those she left behind, she floats in their sorrow.


Her cold body filled with the winter of their loneliness as waves of adulation cascade from the thoughts of loved ones. Camille imagined her world filled with pain. The feelings of being lost and alone hid her from the world that was always growing from her love.


Hearts filled with porcelain emotions, closed windows in a crowded room, winter has come too soon. Curtains are drawn to veil the moonlights shine, candles light reflects a sea of faces with water-filled eyes.


Shrouded in black; their whispering voices, pretending to know the imagination of Camille Bowes.





wild cherry tree publishing ©


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