The First {beholding gods}

The First

We noticed  a problem around 1983 when we started seeing severe brain flux in the sensors at the laboratory at Hyde Park; back then we really weren’t sure what to make of them, so we started to ask ourselves questions, questions as to what would we be asking ourselves if we were a clone. An android created without public knowledge, yet funded by private groups that had powerful connections with various government research and development departments. And who, to our best knowledge had complete belief that it was a human that we were working on. A human born of a natural birth and with memories that started at the age of three formed by old films of his sister and godmother traveling on a commercial airline in 1974 across the sea. We chose this scenario because of the parents or “caretakers” as we would call them, being of foreign nationalities. And the easy access we had then with foreign entities to help create such a being.

Also with the materials that we were experimenting with, it was easier to create darker shades than lighter ones. And being that we were doing this abroad, we were not truly bounded to certain public ridicule or any pending goverment regulations or social idiologies. It was a truly man made miracle. Man was able for the first time ever to truly manufacture life. A life that had memories, communicated, laughed, felt and experienced sorrow, created and shared experiences, grew and most importantly; was able to live, grow and maintain a life of it’s own, just like any other human, until January 2, 2010. That’s when we truly knew that he or it had an expiration date. a date of catastrophe.

The first signs began to appear in the summer of 1983, but being that we were still so new with this; even though back then it was about eleven years into the project, we still didn’t have a way of truly knowing what was going on inside the brain. What thoughts were being projected or truly what he was feeling. All we had to go on to some what come close without really interfering were sensors and patterns on a monitor in a lab, so at first when we started to notice these patterns we made human interaction with other children imperative, real children who would be inquisitive towards him and would hopefully force him to speak his mind and would report to their parents who had some involvement with us and hopefully we would be able to know what was really going on inside his thoughts. What we started to notice is that Michael was a shy being, very shy. So the task of finding out his true thoughts was going to be a mission.

Until Kaitlin came along; now she was the catalyst that got him to truly express himself with others outside of the so called “family” realm, because that’s when we started to notice the difference in the thought patterns, only when he was left alone and surrounded by others that he didn’t live with. It was 1979 when Kaitlin and Michael became friends. They were both in kindergarten and the same age. Kaitlin whose parents were Charlie and Joan Yi, both scientists at HPL, her father was killed a year after Michael arrived to America in auto accident en route to the lab, Joan who was a child psychologist and was very instrumental in the development of Michael, felt it would only make sense if Kaitlin were to enroll in the same school and report back to her without making her daughter feel anything different and most importantly Michael would now have a new friend, someone  that he can start to share his experiences outside of the home with.

Spring came very late that year, later than normal. It was a season that should have brought more warmth from the sun, but instead snow was all over the forecast and with no end in sight, mother nature had other plans. Michael was just turning ten that year and his relationship with Kaitlin started to blossom; a lot quicker than we anticipated, but Michael wasn’t aging at the same pace as Kaitlin. Something started to happen. Kaitlin was becoming more distant towards her mother as the bond between her Michael grew tighter. We thought that maybe this was just an adolescent phase, but we were so off target on what we thought was really happening, if only we could of stop it before it all started. If we only knew, but it was too late.


{to be continued}


© wild cherry tree publishing


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