The Defining Characteristics of US(a)




•A spiritual sense of destiny

•The intense parochialism that drives US to go around the world and conquer and

then always at the center of it, is the blood lust for the hunt.


This is what defines US and how we become the very definition, both willingly and unwillingly, in confronting adversities and also when prosperity turns into adversity. This often is the result when it comes to the paradox of nature and economy. And how it’s handled and the length of time it goes on. These attributes; that have become a global illness, which needs to be inoculated with a desire to find alternatives to save US from US, that will not only protect nature, but protect US from ourselves.


Forced protector and adjudicator we’ve become for others. The creator and influencer of positivity and recreates it into something far from the pristine. The young influencer of the elders that dwelled for thousands of years before our birth; have been compelled to bow down to US, some adapt and mimic US, others disprove of US. Self ordained viceroy to others, yet we fall short to define ourselves to become a better US.






© wild cherry tree publishing


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