*Capitalism is a system based on the exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie (the “capitalists”, who own and control the means of production). This exploitation takes place as follows: the workers, who own no means of production of their own, must seek jobs in order to live. They get hired by a capitalist and work for him, producing some sort of goods or services.


These goods or services then become the property of the capitalist, who sells them and gets a certain amount of money in exchange. One part of the wealth produced is used to pay the workers’ wages, while the other part (surplus value) is split between the capitalist’s private takings (profit), and the money used to pay rent, buy supplies and renew the forces of production.


Thus the capitalist can earn money (profit) from the work of his employees without actually doing any work, or in excess of his own work. Marxists argue that new wealth is created through work; therefore, if someone gains wealth that they did not work for, then someone else works and does not receive the full wealth created by his work. In other words, that “someone else” is exploited. Thus, Marxists argue thatcapitalists make a profit by exploiting workers.


** and yet many proletaritats [the lowest class, which in today’s term has become the “middle”] seem to find this [Capitalism] as a “GREAT” system of equality of ECONOMIC BENEFIT that will one day MAKE EVERY ONE EQUAL…(keep dreaming. proletarians will always be fooled by the bourgeoisie into thinking they will one day be a part of their[bougeois]SOCIAL ORDER…sorry that will NEVER be as long as WE ALL BELIEVE IN THE STATUS QUO PEOPLE).


Onan E. Mos

**{ as i am ∞}



Marx, K. & Engels, F. (1848), [[ks p://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/index.htm The Communist Manifesto]]


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