smoke of love [the hush]

” it will only be just for a moment .” she whispers to me.

 watching her walk away, i knew then that I was losing my faith in all the silence. the foreshadow to behold of  sharing a room with her,

but i couldn’t let that show. wanted more than what was yesterday. she knows that i am lost in her when she smiles at me.

 she’s feels my thoughts and says to me, “you know you get nervous when you see me sway.”, i must be spending to much

time by myself.  “you know if you show me too much i will back away.” , just thinking to myself, so obvious the need of a finger tip

on lips to feel the hush.

 slipping on words and fumbling through her ecstasy.

 she looks at me and say, ” you know you get nervous when you see me sway,you’re spending too much time by yourself.”

summer days are eclipsed into winter nights in a barren room.

summer dazed eyes are wintered without you.

  tasting her [mdma] i  fell into her ecstasy. sweet sounds of the repetition,

i guess you can say that we were feeling the hush of our communication.

  please don’t focus on yesterday. let the past live in the past

take my hand and move inside dimensions and not make this

moment our last.

  feeling the hush as we dove into the smoke of love.

dream dazed sleeping of feeling your touch so we can begin.

don’t focus on yesterdays. let the past dwell in the past.

we lay in a daze ,moving in and out of dimensions, our bodies

sway like waves forming the smoke of love


sleep until the stars came to an end.

sleeping from the feel of your touch.

sleep until it’s time again.

smoke of love created from the hush.



© wild cherry tree publishing


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