She’s feeling the sense of the nothing from something tearing from the core of her essence. The light of the moon breaks into the dark room of negativity, exposing the face of a hidden past that wants to break free. She questions answers. She looks inside, but she can’t see. Unable to look back deep inside, she tries to hide all her fears. She wishes for moon to fade the day away.

Night breeze blowing through an open window, longing to be touched she stares out as the city moans to sleep. Heart is falling as the reflection of rising moon fills her tear filled eyes. Welcoming is night as light without color reminds her that she is not alone. The illumination of moon drapes her body and soul. 

Welcomed thunder and storm clouds of life’s meaning. No warning signs of the world’s masquerades. Searched the universe; lost beyond the stars. Found one another in the same room, separated by an ocean tears. 

Loathing the pillager of night, she is loved until the first blush, desiring the gloaming, stars fade away.

Daylight fills her room and the sense of something from nothing rises with her heart. Unable to look inside, she tries to hide all her fears. She questions answers, surrenders and captive within her is the hidden face of the moon. 



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