Lost Goodbyes

Within the marbled halls, the essence of a dream is captured.  Floral kissed eyelids of those who will travel on oceans of light waves, unseen by those who are awake and unable to know, though tears are shed because they don’t want them go. For them, this world has stopped and the realm of dreams is now all the world that they will be.

Left behind to continue; no airplanes or ships to take them away to follow.

Wishing for rivers to rush in and wash away the pain. The sadness of losing they are forced to swallow.  Waving with tears in their hands, forced to believe what they don’t truly understand.  Longing for that one to run home to, no word can be said to comfort.

No hour glass to capture time of the lonliness of this new desert sands

Only dreams of one day to follow into the light. January winters while October falls into lakes of ice just so summer dreams can fade away, while their spring regrets still brings them the emotions of that last night.

Lost in time and silence, a tear has created a world of oceans filled with lost goodbyes.


 © wild cherry tree publishing


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