Last Night’s Dream


Last night in a dream I was talking to a rose in a crowded airplane that was the size of the world, and that rose was talking back to me.


 I was under the spell of  deep brown eyes that I didn’t notice the beauty of the smile. Maybe if I took the chance to listen to you, not what words you say, but the things that you do. I would have noticed the surprise that is you.


In my dream last night I wanted to share with you before the plane took off, but I lost my ticket and thought I would lose my way back to your heart, yet you smiled at me and said that it was going to be okay, that tomorrow is just another day.


For the first time I felt so comfortable. I was lost in your eyes and wanted to drink from your smile. You caught me when I was falling from the clouds, without any direction, I had broken through the fragile sky.


You came into my life like the sun; you brighten my world and showed me that tomorrow will be better than all of my yesterdays.


Last night in a dream I was talking to you as we flew through the clouds. You took my hand and looked into my eyes and showed me the beauty of life. I fell under the spell of your deep brown eyes, and held captive by your smile and the rose that’s your heart.


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