Day & Night


At night under the soft lights of stars and moon. we twist, shout, talk and laugh until the sun comes out.

wishing that we could sleep all day. watch tv as you eat pancakes. like a dream. it’s a sin of all the ways

the world seems to get in our way.


I heard this saying once, that almost made me wonder if there really is a God or is it just gods that  makes

us do the things we do, that makes the world disappear in dreams,  only to wake up to the reality that is the truth of

frowns that are turned upside down to mask the reasons of all the things that we need to do. all the things that we

are to be…one day.


In the days when we were apart. we fall asleep with wide open eyes, in waking daydreams we walk in sun setting

markets that’s only open every now and again. we feel involved with the active of movements that surrounds us. 

 imagining the feel of the tragic, the magical  and  the taste of words from lips so sweet. the rug burns. the sofa cushions on the floor and sheets that are so magnificent, they make us one.


Night comes with a heated touch, leering eyes and the answer of us echo from within. beyond the look in your eyes.

far away from the confusion that’s deep inside. within our hearts we run to find a place to hide.


Day and Night are what we are


 © wild cherry tree 


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