Closer: The Quickie Suggestion

Maybe if you listened to the rhythm of your heart. You would understand.

I can tell you all the things you want 2 hear, but I won’t.
Would rather show you all the things I know you dream of.

Like the feel of my lips touching your neck. 
Imagine the strength of my hands, as I pull you close to me.
Touching your body in ways we both dreamed about.

My lips are caressing your body, in the places that you’ve longed to be touched.
Spreading you open with the width of my tongue, as I feel the wetness and warmth of your essence.

The actions of the language; that our bodies speak, letting you know that I need you tonight.

I dream of the scent of your beauty all over me. 
The thought of me inside you makes me yearn for you more.

As I pull you closer to me from behind, my hands explore the rest of you. 
I just want to give you more joy, my eyes explained.

My strength intensifies with every thrust. Giving you pleasure is giving me pleasure. 

The need to fill you with all that I have. The tightness of your legs around my waist, as I 
Pull you closer to me. 

My hands anxious to explore the softness of your breasts as the rest of me sinks deep inside of you.

The wet sounds of our bodies as we become one, making us want each other more. 

We are soaked with the nectar of lust. Satisfied looks are giving as we gaze into one another’s eyes. Not yet finished and hungry for more. One more kiss to give more bliss.

Wet and sticky are bodies after we came.

But this is not a love poem to bring us closer, just a suggestion for a quickie.

Inspired by…
LUST {∞}


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