sleeping is so hard to settle in○ rushing rivers of thoughts causing restless nights○drowing in all that could of been done yesterday○ sun cracks the sky○ just as the moon was seen welcoming night○

starting the day again○ wishing to be somewhere else○ wishing for someone else○


hours pass even though time is standing still○


wanting words to calm the soul○ did we ever feel anything○ was the reach too short○ did it slowly fade away○ taking with it love and liberty○


learning to cope with being on our own each day○ looking towards heaven for salvation from something we never truly understood○ seeing faces with voices of many promises○ they all seem to always fall dead○


alone we continue moving○ unsure if we are coming or going○ lost in memories of everything that was○ only to envelope them in the little that was good○ though we never understand○ we try to calm the soul○


will we ever know anything○ does it change day to day○ walk to stumble○ run to fall○ catch an eye○ feel the chill○ without words○ all was felt inside○


realizing it was once held○ after it all slipped away○ not knowing where to go○ i can help u calm your soul○



 © wild cherry tree publishing


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