20/something days of JOY {the hearts reaction}

some days slip by, but not forever, but i will always be there for the days of joy. 
the imperfections are not forever, til the day we meet again, it will be that first day of joy. 
if it were possible to think it through before i met u,i would still be going through 20 something days
of pain. so many days before u i fought the war of the hearts. losing the battle not realizing

that i would be okay on that 20 something day. 


was looking for words to shout, but no one really cared to listen. a bit of my world was empty

and starved by the hunger of wanting to survive. maybe we all keep lying. when so many stars stopped shining. maybe we all need to find it. even if the world seems empty. still unsure what’s coming…i’m okay now. 


20 something days of joy is all that matters now. and i will keep counting all of the good in evil. 

relaxing on the pressure, because it’s all of the reality of finding what is yet to be known.

it’s beautiful when she smiles, she brings the beauty of life in her eyes. on that 1st day i realized 

the reason she is joy. 


20 something days i haven’t stopped dreaming of joy. with all that’s going on, she brings the right 

where there’s wrong. it’s more than tonight. it’s understanding the light of her moon that shines within. 



days no longer slip by. the sensation of joy are filled with the perfection of our imperfections. 

everyday filled with something new. don’t know where it’s going, because we are trying to figure were

we’ve been and that’s okay. with each passing moment, 20 something days are what we have. dreams upon

the hearts reactions. hoping dreams will be true. hoping some day i’ll see u.


{believe in me. believe in u. believe in joy.} 



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