10th Angel

In the Kingdom of Elysium lived two angels from two different realms. One angel was filled with lots of confusion about the ways of this kingdom it inhabited and felt discouraged by the way it started to see the meaning and the yearning for what it knew as life. And whose soul was fading with every moment that it felt the hand of God tightening around all that was all.


The other angel lived in the part of heaven where moon dreams were more real than any other thing that could ever be. Were the sounds of music were sonatas played by flowers and the rivers of gold that flowed towards the sun creating pathways to even more warmth under his grace. And stars were echoes of love that parade the heavens with touches of bliss of future beings.


Two angels never to have a chance meeting or even knowing if the other’s realm exist; were captured on the arrow of Orion as it flew across the galaxies making its way to a destination unknown, were brought to another part of Heaven where the souls kiss one another for what seems like infinity, but was only as long as a flutter of a hummingbird’s wing. These two angels were captivated by one another, but never really understood what brought them here. As they blessed each other in the Holy River, as they found and open new doorways together that led into greater parts Heaven; they knew that it wasn’t meant to be. Though knowing this they continued. you see; they couldn’t stop themselves if they tried. They were caught in the Chamber of the 10th Angel.


The Angel that cannot be seen. The angel that stood on the shoulder of God; and whose wings are believed to create every emotion known with each movement made. Hypnotized by the feeling they started drown in the Holy River, slowly swallowing the essence of love. So much so that for a moment all the worlds and time stopped. And all that they knew is what they felt inside them. But the 10th Angel had other plans for the angels of the Lost Realms.


It would cast a shadow over the Holy River; causing suns to freeze and the cold reality of all realities would descend upon the angels suspended in the river, to realize that what they were feeling was not real, to wake them from moon beams that causes dreams of pleasure.


They would now find themselves awaken and separated in different parts of heaven unlike anything they ever believed to have ever seen.


Awaken now from the deep slumber of satin souls, to the Worlds of Knowing. Only remembering traces of something that felt so real and only shattered visions of something that once was long, long ago in the Kingdom of Elysium.


{to be continued ∞}


wild cherry tree publishing ©


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